Tour 2019:


06.04.19 Wiesent


01.05.19 Obertraubling


01.05.19 Sünching


02.05.19 Obertraubling


14.05.19 Regensburg


21.05.19 Regensburg


09.06.19 Gergweis


13.07.19 Arrach


13.08.19 Straubing


16.08.19 Straubing


18.08.19 Straubing


19.08.19 Straubing


23.08.19 Wiesent


26.08.19 Regensburg


01.09.19 München


02.09.19 Sünching


16.11.19 Wiesent


29.11.19 Wiesent


01.12.19 Wiesent


15.12.19 Wiesent




The "Kerscher-Musikanten" from Bavaria/ Bayern in Germany is a brassband playing octoberfest music and bavarian folk music. The eight musicians all have great experience and play professional on their instruments trompets, horn, clarinets, trombones and tuba. They also sing - in bavarian dialect - and bring german octoberfest flair to other countries all over the world: For example the musicians of the "Kerscher-Musikanten" played in Slowenia, Austria, Switzerland, India, Uganda, Portugal, Japan, Australia and many more. Are you curios? Hope to meet you soon! "Oans, zwoa, gsuffa..."  


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