Tour 2019:


06.04.19 Wiesent


02.05.19 Piesenkofen


09.06.19 Gergweis


13.08.19 Straubing


16.08.19 Straubing


18.08.19 Straubing


19.08.19 Straubing


02.09.19 Sünching


29.11.19 Wiesent 




The "Kerscher-Musikanten" from Bavaria/ Bayern in Germany is a brassband playing octoberfest music and bavarian folk music. The eight musicians all have great experience and play professional on their instruments trompets, horn, clarinets, trombones and tuba. They also sing - in bavarian dialect - and bring german octoberfest flair to other countries all over the world: For example the musicians of the "Kerscher-Musikanten" played in Slowenia, Austria, Switzerland, India, Uganda, Portugal, Japan, Australia and many more. Are you curios? Hope to meet you soon! "Oans, zwoa, gsuffa..."  


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